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    My training log :)

    Hey all

    Thought I would start a training log so I have a way of contributing regularly to the community, keep track of progress, note how I’m feeling and stay accountable

    4th week back into proper training at a gym after this covid situation, currently ending week 2 of blast

    Starting stats:
    89kg @11-12% bf


    Weeks 1-20

    500mg Test E

    500mg Mast E

    500mg Deca

    These amounts and compounds may change

    Weeks 1-4

    40mg anadrol for 2 weeks, then will increase to 60mg split AM/PM

    At week 6 I’ll introduce some test base on leg days PWO

    MAY add in some insulin depending on how persuasive hrvtska is lol


    Mostly 4x per week, 5x here and there when mrs work/kids allow

    Currently doing a mix of Wendlers 5/3/1 for my main compounds (squat, bench, OHP) and kind of a PPL mix, however I’m replacing deadlifts with BB rows and row variations for back day to focus more on hypertrophy and taking excessive load from the lower back

    My goal is to add some quality mass all over, prioritising legs training them 2x per week as they are a weak point of my physique

    Arms are a strong point so only 1 direct exercise for bi’s and tri’s at the end of a chest/back day

    Will rotate accessory exercises every 4-6 weeks and stick to this program for now.

    May try John meadows creeping death 2 PPL if things get a bit stale

    Will slowly increase the sets/reps on accessories and frequency as my training and recovery capacity allows (and if the family allows haha)

    For example

    Day 1: Legs (Squat strength, quad focused, 1-2 hamstring exercises)

    Day 2: Chest (Bench strength, 2-3 chest accessories, 1x bicep)

    Day 3: Back (Bb rows as a staple, 3-4 pulldown/row variations, 1x tricep)

    Day 4: Legs (hamstring focused, 1-2 quad exercises, leg press replaces squats)

    Day 5: Shoulders (OHP strength, 3-4 shoulder accessories)

    Mentally I’m feeling awesome and in a really good place! ready to train hard and get after my goals!

    Just loving being back in a gym and into a surplus/growth phase after a 16 week cut

    Good man!! Keep this going the whole way through


      I am in for this for sure
      Love street sharks xoxo

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        following bro good luck


          Subbed...all kinds of gains


            Great way to keep yourself accountable, good luck with your cycle mate and great sensible doses. Make sure you keep on-top of your E2 and you won't need to take any crap like caber.


              Update: End of week 2

              ill try and update every Sunday I think!
              The past fortnight my calories have been 2,520 cals, weight is still climbing on this amount, food will stay the same this week
              Weight: 91.3kg, +1.3kg from last week

              As of tomorrow anadrol will increase from 40mg per day to 60mg, split am/pm

              Ill also add my current ai use at this time is .5mg arimidex on Monday’s and fridays. Will get bloods at week 6 and re assess from there


                Looking forward to seeing your progress through the journey mate! You're in good hands!


                  Update: End of week 3

                  Weight 92.2kg +.9kg

                  Arms and legs measurements increased, everything else the same

                  Calories will remain the same this week as per hrvtska guidance, much to my dismay haha. But in coach we trust!

                  This will be the final week of anadrol and will increase the dose from 60mg to 80mg

                  I’d like to add that I’ve felt incredible this week, mentally and physically. There was a noticeable increase in strength from mid week onwards, especially on the leg press during my 2nd leg session.

                  Really enjoying how the 5/3/1 is structured on the compound lifts. Progressing every week while being fully in control of the weight. Changing the accessory movements every 4 weeks is keeping the program fresh also

                  Feeling super focused and ready to attack the upcoming training week!


                    Originally posted by Proff View Post
                    Looking forward to seeing your progress through the journey mate! You're in good hands!
                    There’s a familiar name! Thankyou mate, absolutely


                      Update: End of week 4

                      Weight is 92.9kg, +.7kg this week

                      Legs and chest measurements have increased, food will stay at 2500 calories again this week as I’m still growing, I predict next week will require an increase

                      Anadrol dose was 80mg this week and I really noticed the increase in strength again

                      For example, last week on my hamstring focused leg workout I worked up to a top set of 8 plates for 10 reps

                      This week I worked up to 8 plates again but 2 sets this time for 15 and 12 reps respectively, while being in control of the tempo still

                      I’ve switched from a standing OHP to a seated OHP variation as I prefer the way my back feels in the seated position compared to standing. I’m more stable and hence much stronger in this position aswell

                      Noticed a little bit of nipple sensitivity earlier in the week but got on top that straight away with another .5mg of arimidex added

                      Dropping the anadrol now as that’s 4 weeks completed, I’ll get bloods in a couple of weeks and get some of kangas test base organised in the mean time to start at week 6 perhaps