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Anyone have a good Roo mince recipe?

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    Originally posted by tigar View Post

    That’s it .
    mind you , worked with some Mexicans .
    they don’t eat this stuff haha
    I have to ask now... what do they eat?


      Originally posted by SmaCCa View Post

      I have to ask now... what do they eat?
      A traditional home meal would for example some sort of meat dish , various chillies being the only spices they use .
      they will have a “ vegetarian “ side , for example green beans .
      and always they will have beans .
      the mum will every meal cook some fresh corn tortillas, and everyone will sit around the table and serve themselves using the tortillas the way we do when we think of a taco , basically, a bit of meat , bit of green beans , sprinkle of chilli powder maybe a squeeze of lemon , and just fold it over itself and eat it like that . What we know as taco are a bastardised version .
      amd the word taco come from tacoria...... restaurant .what surprised me is the lack of spice that we normally associate as Mexican .
      nope .
      only chilli .
      but hundreds of differant types and roasted, dried , fresh , powdered ...... differant combinations create differant tastes .

      By the way , Lebanese people pretty much eat the same way using portions of Lebanese bread in the same way .
      but I still like western style tacos .
      try it with fish instead of meat


        Originally posted by tigar View Post
        cook up the mince .
        use coconut oil it masks the flavour good .
        add a pack of old el fucken paso .
        use a lettuce leaf if you want carb free .
        you could also do fajitas , or burritos or chilli .
        or go Indian and get a jar of what ever color you feel like .
        watch out , very oily some of them .
        yiu could buy dry spice mixes amd make your own .
        how about this , cook up the mince , add what flavour you like , scoop the guts out of a capsicum , fill her up and roast in the oven .
        Solid ideaas! Thanks bro.
        Yah I cook legit Mexican food, (used to go to Mexico all the time) some Old elpaso works In a pinch though
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          Tacos I'm soo buying some tonight


            Fuck roo mince. Tryed to cook it a while back and couldn't handle the smell and through the lot to the dog. Go to woolies and give the Bush tomato roo bangers a go. Still really lean and 2 packs for $11 (1kg) is pretty good