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    Originally posted by hrvtska View Post
    Nate90 12 weeks down and recomping like a mad man. Focus from the start was bringing up his back. Improvements shown in the chest measurements. Attention now moves onto continuing to bring up the back but arms now as well. So committed he even spent 10 out of those 12 weeks not consuming condiments or sauces hahaha. Let's show the the tail of the tape over a 12 week period.

    Starting Weight - 100.3kg
    12 weeks later - 99.9kg

    Summary after 12 weeks completed

    Weight -400g

    Waist -1cm

    Arms *same*

    Chest +5cm

    Legs +5.5cm

    Keep that momentum going mate. Proud coach right here
    Great leg growth too!


      Haha thanks hrvtska, appreciate the kind words
      yeah leg and chest growth are mental. Makes me really think back to how my diet was before this
      defintley looking forward to some arm and back growth to match these new legs and chest


        Nate90 well done brother great results .


          Hi all

          hrvtska Just wanted to update you all now I’ve been part of the team for 5ish weeks.

          I can confidently say, without a single doubt, this man is one of a kind. I have suffered from the lowest self-esteem, self doubt and negative body image for years... never believing I could ever, or would ever, be able to change my physique in a meaningful way after having been obese as a child.

          In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve been able to get my calories up to 3600ish without significant fat gain. Previously, eating anything over 3000cals would have me quite rapidly gaining fat.

          His training programs have actually started to make me grow ! The programming is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and my measurements going up constantly - and this is coming from the bloke who was convinced that there was something wrong with me that prevented muscle growth.

          Id say the most impressive part of all of this is the man himself. I’ve never had a coach who legitimately CARES about the well-being of their clients. Majority of flogs claim to, but this bloke actually does.. and you know it’s not just pretend as he will often just randomly check in with me to make sure I’m ok.

          I’ve suffered and still do suffer some pretty nasty psychological issues. I’ve had some dark days of late and he’s been like a best mate .. always happy to listen, give advice and genuinely wants to make sure I’m ok.

          This is what makes him one of a kind - his commitment to ensuring his clients are doing ok .. not just making sure they’re following a meal plan or training program.

          The only regret I have in this whole journey so far is that I didn’t find him sooner. Anyone thinking of joining the team .. just do it. It’s worth every single penny and then some!

          Thanks for changing my life mate.