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Offering Ongoing Nutritional Guidance and Programming *Limited Spots Available*

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    Just finished the end of my first 4 weeks. Awesome stuff and loving everything about the diet/training and working with him!
    Week 3 i got super sick and had a shit week, he helped me to get back on track and i'll be sure to continue working with him, highly recommend


      So joint team hrvtska and the man is a machine. So I’m already on his training program as had few things on and couldn’t commit to the diet side, but that’s all done and said to my self the time is right to join.

      The service is top notch, he has the time for you and isn’t here just to take your money.

      I cant wait to start and anyone who hasn’t or is thinking of jumping on board I would do so it’s a no brainer

      Let the growing start


        Hey fellas,

        just joined up yesterday arvo, Once paid received everything later that night
        Down to earth good bloke with great communication.
        The program for both training and nutrition is super in depth and professional
        Not much more you can ask for from a coach!


          How many we got on team Hrvtska now then ??


            RobbyVIP 12 team members off HoG bro


              12 smart guys then


                Battle of the Gladiators
                Start date - 10th June

                Excited to announce to HoG 2 heavyweights of Team Hrvtska RobbyVIP and Mick1984 will go into a war of attrition against each other in a 20 week cut with only one unanimous winner. The cut will be logged in detail with the boys both on blast and supplying some insight into there AAS protocols, nutrition and training protocols.

                RobbyVIP has been in a calorie surplus for 6 months now and is eating at 6000 calories. While Mick1984 in a calorie surplus for 9 months now,
                consuming 6500 calories a day.

                It is a very even playing field with Mick1984 at a leaner starting base but RobbyVIP hyperthyroid and a bum bag full of loaded barrels of his own crazy concoctions.

                Rules of the competition

                After the 20 weeks is completed a dexascan will be taken by both men and the lowest total fat mass will be the winner.

                More details will be broadcast shortly as both guys enter the finals stages of their offseason.

                The 120kg Mad Scientist V The 110kg Great White Shark who have you got your money on?
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                  Mick1984 for the win. Up the tren ya cunt


                    Really looking forward to this hrvtska will be a good challenege for us both. I know it will be a tough road but am welcoming the battle. RobbyVIP is a solid rig and knows his stuff not to mention a stand up guy so will be a tough opponent.

                    No matter the outcome we will both be reaping the rewards and thanks heaps for making this happen mate. Puts some fun into a cut.


                      Fuck yer. Any photos for us to see before the guys start?


                        awesome.. all the best boys!

                        always good to have some friendly competition once in a while


                          All the best legends
                          Not gonna wish you luck because you both are capable of so so much

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                            awesome good luck fellas be good to see, ill keep bulkin haha startin mine monday bulkin from 130 to 140 haha


                              Figured this would be a good reason to make my first post after lurking here and the other forum for a while.

                              Signed up with Hrvtska after going back and forwards a little bit where he answered any and all queries l had. The goal is to put on quality body weight to allow me to lift the most weight possible. Once l paid up my detailed diet plan came through that night which is such a quick turn around for what he presents. Everything is detailed throughout the day so l don't need to think about anything, he's got it all covered.

                              Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next 6 months or so. Massive diet shake up in terms of meal timings, frequency and portion sizes. I'll be starting my first week Monday, can't wait.

                              Cheers guys,


                                Good shit. Stay safe though point winning from a hospital bed...

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