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Offering Ongoing Nutritional Guidance and Programming *Limited Spots Available*

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    Offering Ongoing Nutritional Guidance and Programming *Limited Spots Available*

    Thankyou SmaCCa for your approval.

    Hey guys Hrvtska here. For those who don’t know me I have jumped across from the BS forum and am offering a service here on HoG. So a bit of information on myself, I have an exercise and sports science background, level 1 and 2 certified by N1 education and compete as an open class bodybuilder and am here to offer a service to the community.

    The service I will be offering is ongoing week to week dietary changes, 4 week mesocycle blocks (workout programs for 4 weeks at a time) and AAS protocols if the client is enhanced and needs some guidance. All individualised to meet the individuals goals.

    I currently have both male and female cliental and will only take on individuals who are serious about taking their training to the next level.

    Few articles for reference I have provided on the BS forum

    Mick1984 RobbyVIP and a powerlifter are all part of my team, and their results speak for themselves. Feel free to contact them for any questions on my coaching.

    If you are serious about taking your physique to the next level and be part of the team of human freaks “PM” me and we can discuss your goals.

    Pricing is as follows

    Initial consultation - $200 *one off payment*
    Dietary Changes (reviewed weekly) - $150 a month
    Dietary Changes (reviewed weekly) + Programming (4 weeks) $200 a month
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    Some of you might know me as PVIP, a moderator on BSF

    ... not that i've logged for a month but thats a different story

    Hrvtska's been my coach for maybe 7 months now.

    i've got nothing but glowing things to say not only about his coaching but also about him as a person.


    I thought i knew something about diet and programming... when Hrvtska started coaching me i realised I DIDNT KNOW SHIT

    Initially he stabilised my metabolism and built it up til it was on fire.. then within maybe 3 months i lost 10kg and 3.5 inches off my waist

    NO T3, NO DNP, NO CLEN... just diet, programming and moderate AAS

    i basically re-comped 10kg of fat down.. lost almost no muscle..

    I went from looking like a pro rugby player on the tail end of a bali bender to being in the best shape i been in for 10 years or more


    Great guy. Totally legit and upfront. Very empathetic but at the same time will keep you accountable and will make you work.

    He's got plenty of real world comp experience too so what he's getting you to do isnt just from a textbook but from real life experience of his and his competition peers.

    Anyone from BSF will know I dont throw my personal endorsment out there lightly, so..

    If any questions about my reference / endorsment please PM me.

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      Is there a diet and/or program included in the initial consult? And then every month from there on out $150/200 charge - which included weekly updates to diet(and training if paid for)


        Hrvtska has probably been my best kept training secret until now guys.

        The wealth of knowledge that this guy has is phenomenal and has been a crucial part of my training success the last 7 months.

        I spent a long time contemplating getting a coach and when I first spoke to hrvtska he wasn't pushy about his services at all even gave me advice before he became my coach.

        When I first started working with hrvtska I was about mid 90kgs. Always bulking then cutting then doing this and that. Pretty mutch running around in circles. Now off cycle I'm sitting just under 110kg fairly lean. Still not a pretty face but....

        Since we have been working together I have achieved some major physique changes. More muscle mass where I want it and a much more all round better more even looking physique. Not to mention the bastard has almost got my arms up to 20" and I barely budged them in a year! My mindset has been amazing as well. It's like having someone constantly on your side fighting with you.

        Honestly guys my only regret about working with hrvtska was that I didn't do it earlier. The guy is about as genuine as a person gets and is an all round bloody legend with an amazing passion for self growth.

        Do yourselves a favour and get onto it guys and girls.

        I'm not a big fan of posting photo's people due to the tatts but for hrvtska I have attached one. This is how I am sitting at the moment. 4 weeks since last cycle.
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          Its good to have your service here hrvtska . Forums are great for growing your own knowledge and experiences. Sometimes we need that lil bit extra help in our corner to keep us honest and open our eyes up.

          welcome to HoG legend


            Mick1984 you're lookin a bit flat there mate did you have your full box of freedom maple before training today?

            ahahah just kidding mate you're looking amazing, those lean 20s are fucken scary


              ​​​​Mick1984 look awesome mate
              hrvtska how do you talk to your clients through emails?


                Big Block through wiker or email. Wiker is better as I can build a better rapport with the team members.


                  hrvtska and is there a certain length we need to stay on example 6month or no time frame


                    Big Block No time frame what so ever I let the clients make the decision if they want to go ahead with the services after they pay for the initial month.


                      Good to see ya here hrvtska


                        Staunch as fuck @Mick1984


                          SmaCCa Thankyou mate. More focus on the fundamentals, couldn't agree more


                            WogBoy Good too see you too my friend... we build human walking freaks on Team Hrvtska.
                            Mick1984 is morphing by the week.


                              RobbyVIP "I went from looking like a pro rugby player on the tail end of a bali bender to being in the best shape i been in for 10 years or more"
                              Had me in stitches there big fella..