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Christmas time

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    Christmas time

    Good morning legends ,
    It’s your friend streetsharks

    I just wanted to reach out to all the brothers and sisters that start to struggle this time of year
    The people who have lost loved ones,
    Losing loved ones
    People who don’t have much family or can’t get to their families

    Allot of reflection this time of year can get you down on things you’ve lost
    Jobs ,money girlfriends wife’s boyfriends husbands it doesn’t matter

    The best thing is we have this place
    We have a place to talk to gather and be powerful
    If anyone ever needs and ear or eye I’m always here for anyone

    It doesn’t make you weak to speak
    It makes you powerful

    I love you all

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    Got the rig, bathtub and boards loaded family here or on the way to a remote getaway. That wasnt the case many years ago. Spent plenty lonely on the bones of my arse. Can always get better boys bad and fuct up as it may seem. Thanks for the post sharky. Definitely feel the same reading hog is 95% of the time the highlight of my day. Hope you get to log off clock out and say bye to the grind over the festive season and benzos starting to work its things.close to zero fucks given. Enjoy lads ????

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