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    Originally posted by Discobiskit View Post
    Glad it worked well for ya I tried it with my mrs for weight loss..same dosage.
    She turned into a pysco lol
    Her sex drive is fine it actually made her clit too sensitive.
    So loss and loss for me.
    A friend of mine she tested low on testosterone and had low sex drive her partner said she wants sex more now but has turned onto a mean bitch.
    Your mrs hasnt shown any increased agression?

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    According to the Dr shes in Peri- Menopause and is causing Low T and Low Progesterone.

    No aggression at all this time around, but is a little sensitive on the clit at times. Nothing too much but having lost it completely over the last couple of years now she has that sensitivity back and likes he feeling. Reckons its like shes' back in her 20's again!. Says it's improved her mood and motivation big time. She's very careful looking out for sides but fingers X'd seems to be a good sweet spot at this low dose. Did try 10mg once pw but on the 3rd day seemed to spike and clit got really sensitive. Dropping dosage in half and 2 x per week seems much better.

    She's tried NPP and Primo in the past separately when she competed but after a couple of weeks had to stop running both due to sides. NPP because of bad bloating and Primo because of increase in aggression (was 100% legit stuff, even tried running it from 2 diff legit sources). I actually cut her off on that one myself because of her anger toward me. Looking back now even the recommended women's dosages that she tried may have even been too high for her.

    Has run Var but only up to 10mg ED because any higher she feels sides. Seems to only need low doses on anything she tries.

    She also runs a Progesterone cream along side this Test E. Not sure of that would have any bearing on keeping any potential anger in check?
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      Anavar 10-15mg for 6 weeks is very effective and is safe for women ,, stana 5-10mg ,EQ 50mg week ,primo 50mg week are all options but the chances of side effects increase with those compounds, have to be very careful with women, side effects can be life lasting an irreversible in some cases, so you definitely need to be able to trust your source an have accurately dosed gear ,


        My ex girlfriend ( sexy bitch) used var on a few occasions an loved it good results, ,but her voice did go bit crackly on 1 occasion an I pulled her straight off it, went back too normal , had to hide my blue heart dbols cause I was scared she'd take them cause she'd say they look so cute I want 1 hahaha


          Anavar, Turnabol, Winstrol, Primobolan acetate all suitable for females in small does for short durations


            TREN! Get tha alpha make going


              Male* typo


                I'd say stana would be almost ideal

                but if brave 10 mg test prop EOD


                  Originally posted by mooeymini View Post
                  TREN! Get tha alpha make going
                  Fucken chicks on tren bro you gotta stop smashing the tranny porn hahah